About Me

Ron BrashHello, my name is Ron Brash - I am a creative and hard-working young professional focused on growing in the field of embedded software development. I have developed extensively with the OpenWRT buildroot and Linux Operating System. My skill-set includes strong problem solving skills, network/OS programming and I'm passionate for learning new technologies. My specialities include:

  • C/C++, Bash, Python, Java, PHP
  • Uboot
  • Wireless technologies - BT/BLE, Z-Wave, Xbee/Zigbee
  • Embedded Linux systems
  • Network protocol security and analysis
  • Network security (firewalls, IPS/IDS)
  • Linux systems design and development

I have a Bachelor of Technology in Network Administration and Security (BTECH) from British Columbia Institute of Technology, and a Diploma in Information Technologies and Applied Systems (ITAS) from Vancouver Island University. In addition, I also have a Master in Computer Science (M.CompSc) at Concordia University in Montreal with a focus on Netconf and YANG regarding routing plane security and secure cryptographic key transactions amongst routers. Previously, I was CTO of an embedded Linux consultancy focused on the industrial domain, and now I am a manager at a Canadian top 4 for Cyber Security & Risk Advisory.

While education and computers are very important to me, I sometimes need to be pried away from my computer. In my spare-time, I coach and participate in board sports (wakeboarding, wake surfing and snow boarding), go to the gym or take my track car out for auto-cross or HPDE lapping events.

And finally I can be found on the web using Linkedin, Twitter, Quora or on various OpenSource Forums such as LinuxQuestions. In the near future, I will also be seen contributing to OpenDiameter and a few other projects related to multi-cast/routing security.

If you have any exciting news you would like to share, any projects requiring attention - please contact me through the contact form!